Editing absences in your shift schedule

Absence management becomes even more straightforward now: While absences have already been displayed in the shift schedule, from now on you will be able to directly accept or refuse them in there, too. Just select the filter new absences and accepted absences on the left, and the absences will appear at the top of the plan. To edit them, see their details in the pop-up window and manage them directly in the plan. All the important information in one place – it couldn’t be easier!

New view for free plans

Seeing the 6-week-plan at a glance, instead of clicking from month to month? No longer a problem! Just click on our new Date Range view (you can find it right next to the buttons for Week and Monthview), select a period, have a look at the entire plan and keep track of your whole shift schedule.
Is your plan too big? Depending on different view options, you can simply scroll down or sideways and you will see the complete shift schedule.

This new view option is ideal for free plans and optimized for 6-8 weeks. The more shifts you want to display in the Date Range viewthe longer it can take to load and display everything. Shift schedules which span over several months are still best displayed in our Day, Week or Month view. We strongly advise against planning in yearly shift schedules as those schedules are generally better displayed in monthly schedules which also take much less time to load and display.


Drag and drop your employees from shift to shift

Thanks to our planning assistance scheduling is easier and more structured than ever. This new feature, however, will make it even easier for you to subsequently adjust your shift schedule to any change requests of your employees while allowing you to remain flexible.

So far you’ve had to open every single shift to reassign your employees to different shifts or delete them from a shift altogether. From now on you can simply reassign or delete your employees from shifts with Drag and Drop right in your shift schedule. This makes scheduling an even easier task and allows you to keep track of everything!

Synchronize your shifts and absences with your personal calendar

shyftplan has been providing you with the possibility to synchronize your shifts and absences with your personal calendar (Google calendar, Outlook or Apple calendar) for a while now. To do that you need to go to your profile, copy the iCal Link which you can find under Calendar Synchronization and insert it into your personal calendar. We have optimized the synchronization further to make sure it works even better and on all devices.

Any questions regarding our new features? Book a free demo, contact our lovely support team or give us a call from monday-friday between 10.am and 6.pm (CET) at +49 30 81 30 52 97.

Happy scheduling!

Your shyftplan team